Cleanlist handles mailings on behalf of some of our clients, and we do not have access to any database with the information to be able to remove or change an address. The best way to handle any mail you have received in error is to write “Return to Sender” on the envelope and put it back in the mail. There is no need to add any additional postage or stamps to the piece of mail.

When we receive any returned mail, we scan the barcode on the front and return this information to our clients, letting them know the mail was returned so they can update their records. It can take some time for this to resolve itself if there are multiple accounts, the accounts are transferred, or there are legal requirements to send a letter to the last known address, but returning any mail that is received in error is the best way to take care of this.

Cleanlist will receive and process all returned or undeliverable mail. All mail sent by Cleanlist is barcoded, and you will receive a data file listing all records that have been returned. All returned mail is securely shredded on-site after processing.

At Cleanlist we can take care of your mailing from beginning to end. We will process your data (correct and standardize addresses, apply mover information, flag deceased individuals) to improve deliverability, or we can mail exactly as submitted to us. We can handle any format of data file, with as many fields as necessary to create your personalized letter mailing. We will work with you for any physical specifications that are required (specific paper, specialized envelope messaging).

Cleanlist’s DunningExpress solution allows you to streamline the delivery process of the dunning letters you need to deliver. We can help you manage one letter library that can be delivered by post or email. Your addresses will be corrected and verified and have any mover updates applied to them, increasing your deliverability rates, and reducing the cost of undeliverable mail. This solution allows you to send high-quality, deliverable letters without managing the resources this requires.

Cleanlist’s secure mailing solution is ideal for any industry that needs peace of mind in the security of their data, and requires an audit trail for all letters mailied. This includes finance, insurance, and pension industries as examples.

Cleanlist is not a standard mailhouse. Each mailing includes document set-up, data validation, and mail preparation in our SOC2-certified, fully secured data and production facility. Our team of experts ensures that your data and material are handled securely and in full compliance with our policies. You can trust Cleanlist to deliver high-volume mailings on-time while maintaining the highest levels of security.