Are you leaving customers stranded by the side of the road?

Your database is full of mobile numbers and we know which ones they are.

As communication channels continue to fragment and opportunities for mobile messaging increase, you’re busy designing and improving your strategy. However, if you’re like most companies, your customer database isn’t prepared. On average, we’ve found that 40% of “home phone numbers” are actually mobile cell network numbers that have potential for an SMS program. Cleanlist has the ability to analyze your database and determine which phone numbers are mobile so you can get the most from your SMS / text messaging campaigns.

Used carefully and with proper consent, nothing beats texting and mass SMS campaigns to engage your customers. Engagement rate is 3-7 times higher than emails’ and SMS campaigns generate an almost six times higher order rate, at least for Black Friday 2019. None of the other marketing channels can brag about such results. Cleanlist can help you take advantage of this channel by validating your phone number data and identifying which of your customers have a  mobile phone number you can message.

Many legacy CRM databases and customer warehouses don’t effectively differentiate between mobile and landline numbers. And even the ones that do commonly have home phones populated with mobile numbers and vice versa. With the help of Cleanlist’s service, you can align and classify your phone number data correctly.

Cleanlist’s proprietary Cell Number Identification solution uses a non-invasive approach, meaning your customers won’t be contacted. Instead, the service is performed by a Cleanlist data analyst who will match your customer records to Cleanlist’s national mobile database. Our master database includes all mobile numbers issued by all carriers, all across Canada. The process is fast, reliable, and economical.

We offer Cell Number Identification on a one-time basis or under a subscription agreement. It’s delivered through various channels and customized to your environment for maximum effectiveness. You can also combine it with other Cleanlist data services like data enrichment. For real-time applications, Cleanlist’s API solutions can be integrated directly into your CRM applications or workflow, or for large databases, Cleanlist can validate your data in batches. Our team will work closely with yours to design the most effective and streamlined process, and the highest possible return on your investment.

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