We help you comply with mail marketing preferences.

Are you wasting resources mailing marketing material to contacts that have actively opted out of receiving direct mail? Comply with the Canadian Marketing Association’s (CMA) code of ethics while respecting the requests of consumers by suppressing contacts registered with CMA’s Do Not Mail Service. You’ll improve your response rates and reduce complaints and waste at the same time. For CMA members, this suppression service is mandatory for all prospect mailings.

Matched records are flagged.

An included summary report provides statistical data describing your results.


  1. Reduce complaints by respecting individual preferences.
  2. Improve response rates by not contacting non-responsive individuals.
  3. Comply with the CMA’s code of ethics.
  4. Reduce environmental and financial costs associated with non-responsive mail.

Match Rates

0.5 – 1.5% Range

Match Rate Factors:
  • List quality and completeness
  • Address and name accuracy

Fields Appended


CMA Do Not Contact Flag:

  • M = Matched, Do Not Mail
  • - = No Match