Correct and format your addresses to Canada Post standards.

Address Standardization & Correction improves the accuracy and formatting of your Canadian address list. When you order this service, Cleanlist compares your contact addresses to Canada Post’s master database of all Canadian addresses and makes as many corrections to your list as possible. In most cases, lists are improved significantly. At Cleanlist we routinely see improvements of 20% to 40%, and sometimes even more! You will also receive an Address Accuracy Certificate from Cleanlist that will be accepted at Canada Post locations nationwide to qualify your eligibility for any discount or incentive postage rates.

The Cleanlist software fulfills all of Canada Post’s updated requirements (a detailed specification is part of Canada Post’s Software Evaluation and Recognition Program — or SERP — outline) and is currently certified at the highest level available. However, Cleanlist’s solution goes much further than simply meeting SERP requirements.

Some of the unique features of Cleanlist’s solution include:

  • Parsing: Your address data is processed through Cleanlist’s advanced address parser which identifies the various address components, even when they’re not split out on your file. (You can order Address Elementization to have this component data returned to you.)
  • Proper Casing: Address data is returned properly upper/lower-cased, where applicable, using an intelligent process trained to recognize Canadian street and city names.
  • French Accenting: Cleanlist’s solution accurately updates both English and French language address information and when appropriate, adds French character accents to street and city names.
  • Advanced Standardization: In addition to being correct, Cleanlist believes in the value of clean and consistent formatting of address data. This looks better on your letters and envelopes and works better when using to match, compare and find records in your computer systems.


  1. Save money by qualifying for Canada Post’s accuracy-based postal discounts.
  2. Increase marketing campaign ROI by improving deliverability.
  3. Save costs associated with returned mail processing.
  4. Increase accuracy of data analysis.
  5. Improve record matching capability for duplicate elimination, merge/purge, NCOA, etc.

Match Rates

80-98% Validation Range. Canada Post requires a minimum of 95% accuracy to avoid any potential postage surcharges.

Match Rate Factors:
  • Completeness of address data submitted

Fields Appended

Standardized or New Address 1
Standardized or New Address 2
Standardized or New City
Standardized or New Province
Standardized or New Postal Code
Standardized or New Country

Address Accuracy Correction Code:

  • V = Valid - The address was valid and was not changed.
  • S = Standardized - The address was valid but was standardized.
  • C = Corrected - The address was invalid and was changed to become valid.
  • I = Invalid - The address was invalid and could not be corrected.