Comply with the National Do Not Call List.

The National Do Not Call List (DNCL) was introduced in 2008 by Canada’s Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission with the objective of reducing unwanted telemarketing calls to consumers who register their number on the database. While there are a few exceptions, many telemarketing firms are required by law to comply with the DNCL, or face large financial penalties issued by the CRTC (up to $1,500 per violation for individuals and up to $15,000 per violation for businesses).

By removing prospects registered on the National DNCL your firm can become compliant with the DNCL and avoid potentially damaging financial penalties. Over 50% of Canadians have registered themselves on the DNCL.

A summary report provides you with statistical data describing your results and a record layout defines field positioning and content.

For more information on the National DNCL, please visit our <Canadian National Do Not Call List FAQ>

Note: Your organization is required by the CRTC to subscribe to the National DNCL and pay their fees. Unfortunately, the CRTC does not permit Cleanlist to offer DNCL scrubbing without our clients being directly registered with the CRTC and having an active DNCL subscription.


  1. Comply with CRTC policy and avoid large CTRC-issued financial penalties.
  2. Improve response rates and reduce costs by not contacting non-responsive individuals.

Match Rates

10% – 55% Range

Match Rate Factors:
  • List quality and completeness
  • Geographic region

Fields Appended


Do Not Call Flag:

  • M = Matched to DNCL, Do Not Call
  • N = Not matched to DNCL
  • X = Outside DNCL Subscription Area