Stamp out all your duplicates, even the hard-to-find ones.

Cleanlist’s Duplicate Elimination service uses advanced fuzzy name and address matching algorithms to identify duplicates in your database.

You choose whether to suppress only multiple instances of the same individual (called “Individual Level” match), or different individuals at the same household address (called “Household Level” match), to help reduce wasteful direct marketing efforts and improve your analytics. In this way, marketers can avoid aggravating customers with unwanted, repeat communications while ensuring that intended recipients are not overlooked.

When you order this service, you receive a result file with the duplicates flagged for suppression (Cleanlist never deletes a record, rather it’s marked). Cleanlist’s process is especially helpful because it assigns a set-ID to each record in a duplicate set, so you can quickly see the records we’ve found to be the same (whether there are only two duplicates or several).

An included summary report provides statistical data describing your results.


  1. Increase marketing campaign ROI by not duplicating contacts.
  2. Save costs associated with printing and mailing duplicate contacts.
  3. Increased accuracy of data analysis.
  4. Reduce environmental and financial costs associated with duplicated mail.
  5. Avoid aggravating customers with unwanted repeat mailings.

Match Rates

2 – 20% Range

Match Rate Factors:
  • List quality (accuracy, completeness and format)
  • List type (profile, function, demographics)

Fields Appended

Duplicate Flag:
  • X = Duplicate
  • - = No Match/Non-Duplicate
Duplicate ID:

This column contains the duplicate set ID. All records in a duplicate set have the same ID number.