Verify and obtain accurate telephone numbers for your contact records.

Valuable time and resources are wasted on making calls to contacts with wrong telephone numbers, and manually searching for telephone numbers is inefficient and error-prone.

Phone Number Append uses Cleanlist’s 411 database which is continually updated directly from Canada’s telephone companies and includes all Canadian consumers and businesses with a publicly listed number.

With Cleanlist’s service, you can verify the accuracy of your phone numbers and append new ones when yours is missing or incorrect. Cleanlist makes it quick and easy to update your list!

When you order Phone Number Append, you’ll receive a result file containing your original input file with the new, corrected data appended to it. Fields are added to your record to store new phone numbers and their verification status.

A summary report provides statistical data describing your results.


  1. Increase marketing campaign ROI by including telephone follow-up.
  2. Improve customer service by enabling telephone contact.
  3. Reduce costs associated with inaccurate telephone numbers.

Match Rates

40 – 65% Range.

Match Rate Factors:
  • List quality (age, structure)
  • List type (profile, demographics)

Fields Appended


Phone Append Match Type:

  • C1 = Highest Confidence Match
  • C2 = High Confidence Match
  • C3 = Moderate Confidence Match
  • C4 = Moved - Phone Number Possibly Outdated
  • C5 = Delisted - No Longer in Current Directory
  • X1 = Phone Number Not Found in Directory
  • X2 = Missing/Invalid Name
  • X3 = Missing/Invalid Input Address
  • X4 = Not Matched

Phone Append Category:

  • R = Residential
  • B = Business
  • - = None

Phone Append Status:

  • A = Appended
  • V = Verified
  • - = None
Phone Append Phone Number