Verify the person on your list lives at the address you have.

For many direct mail campaigns, Right Party Verification is the fastest and easiest way to significantly boost your campaign’s ROI. How many people or businesses on your contact list no longer reside at the address you have on file? You may be surprised to find out how many there are!

Why? Perhaps your list is outdated, or maybe your contacts have moved and not filed a change-of-address (assuming you update your list regularly using Cleanlist’s National Change of Address (NCOA) service). Depending on your target demographic, 50% or more movers don’t file a change-of-address with Canada Post. The least likely to file with the Post Office are low-income families, singles and students. And of those movers who do file a change-of-address, up to 25% are never matched to mailers’ files because of stringent match criteria prescribed by Canada Post. Of course, it is also possible that the person is deceased. Regardless of the reason, our experience tells us that it is highly probable you’re wasting a lot of time and money mailing to people that no longer live at the address you have on file. Fortunately, Right Party Verification can help.

When you order Right Party Verification, you’ll receive a result file with verification flags added to each record.

An included summary report provides statistical data describing your results.


  1. Save costs by mailing contacts that can be validated at the address you have on file.
  2. Identify contacts that require follow-up contact to confirm their current address.
  3. Reduce environmental waste by suppressing mail that’s likely undeliverable.

Match Rates

15% – 50% of your file may be incorrect.

Match Rate Factors:
  • Name and address accuracy
  • List type (profile, function, demographics)

Fields Appended


Right Party Verification Status:

  • V = Verified
  • - = Not Verified

Right Party Verification Match Type:

  • V = Record Verified
  • X1 = Insufficient Info to Match
  • X2 = Non-Mailable Match
  • X5 = Not Matched

Right Party Verification Category:

  • R = Residential
  • B = Business
  • - = None