Fraudsters are clever, but our detection tools are genius.

Before you press "send", get us to press "verify".

Another scary side effect of COVID-19 has been the rise in consumer and business fraud affecting fintech organizations, online lenders, merchants and many others. These groups are particularly vulnerable to imposters, which makes Cleanlist’s market-leading identity and address verification services — which also reduce the shipping of products and money to the deceased — a smart and remarkably quick solution, with real-time results that can save you thousands of dollars.

  • Reduce fraud and implement market-leading KYC (know your customer) identity and deceased verification services.
  • Reduce shipping returns by using Cleanlist’s real-time address and occupancy validation service.
  • Optimize your trigger and mission critical customer communication programs by plugging into Cleanlist’s document factory for fully managed data processing, validation, document composition, mailing, and PDF archiving processes.
  • Rest easy knowing you’re partnering with a Tier-1 solutions provider. We’re Canada’s largest volume contact data company and we operate from a fully secure and independently SOC2 certified on-premise datacenter in London, Ontario. Your data and your brand are safe with Cleanlist.

What our clients think

I have complete confidence in knowing that you will got the extra mile to solve the many technological problems that we stumble across during a project.
Fraud Prevention & ID Verification TD Bank Financial Group
TD Bank
Financial Group
I especially appreciate when you are able to accommodate our last minute requests as I know you will always come through for us.
Fraud Prevention & ID Verification University of Toronto
of Toronto
Time and again, your team demonstrated great flexibility under rigid turnaround schedules without compromising the integrity of the data.
Fraud Prevention & ID Verification Experian Information Solutions
Experian Information Solutions

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