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Integrate Cleanlist’s best of breed solutions directly into your applications.

If you’re working in real-time and need to clean, validate, enhance, or score customer data, Cleanlist’s API Database Update is at your beck and call.

As Canada’s largest volume provider of database cleaning services, with more services and ways to access them than anyone else, there’s no limit to what we can help you achieve. And all of Cleanlist’s services can be deployed on a customer-configured and widely deployed “RESTful API” platform.

We set-up API functions that you can integrate into your business applications and processes for worry-free results. Calls are answered in milliseconds, so you’ll never be waiting for the process to begin.

Here are some common projects we undertake:

  1. Validating and correcting data collected through webforms.
  2. Enhancing customer data with demographics, phone numbers, and other data to help score and route inquiries.

The Cleanlist Solution

API Database Update solutions are customer configured to your exact specifications. You don’t need to conform to us as we conform to you. The end-to-end solution is built and tested to your specifications and deployed in our London, Ontario data centre. No software is installed on your premises.

This solution requires a subscription.

Solution Options

Our extensive service offering gives you more capabilities than anywhere else. If you need help figuring out which options you need, our experts are here to help you.

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