Fraudsters are clever, but our detection tools are genius.

Cleanlist just made occupancy verification fast and easy.

There’s a lot of reasons why it’s important to know if someone lives where you think they do. Because if they don’t, a terrible response rate and a big waste of postage and money — and even fraud — may follow.

Maybe you’ve been out of touch for a while. Or you need to be extra sure something important or expensive gets there. Or your relationship is just beginning, and you need to fact-check. For all these reasons and more, Cleanlist’s proprietary Right Party Verification solution — a simple, surefire way to check before you mail — is essential.

In fact, we’re often surprised by how much Right Party Verification can save direct mailers, non-profits, and collection agencies. Every day we see “clean” databases that are professionally maintained, have high address accuracy and are NCOA-updated — but are still full of errors. No surprise, as it’s very difficult to keep big databases up-to-date, especially for the younger, less affluent, more transient populations.

How bad is the problem? It’s not uncommon for Cleanlist’s Right Party Verification process to fail 50% of a large database.

In addition, Know-Your-Customer (KYC) best practices require varied levels of customer due diligence, and Right Party Verification can be a key part of that. Does the address you have actually exist? Is it a residence? Is there a historical record of the person residing there? Cleanlist can answer these questions in an instant, and save you from starting something off on the wrong foot. In particular, when shipping items — especially expensive ones — verifying your data can save you tens of thousands of dollars in erroneous shipments due to fraud, incomplete data, or simple mistakes.

We offer Right Party Verification on a one-time basis or under a subscription agreement. It’s delivered through various channels and customized to your environment for maximum effectiveness. You can also combine it with other Cleanlist data services like data enrichment. For real-time applications, Cleanlist’s API solutions can be integrated directly into your CRM applications or workflow, or for large databases, Cleanlist can validate your data in batches. Our team will work closely with yours to design the most effective and streamlined process, and the highest possible return on your investment.

Contact us to learn more about how Right Person Verification can help you save and be sure — simply and effectively.

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