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Take full advantage of mobile marketing opportunities

Enable your organization to execute a successful mobile marketing (SMS) campaign by determining which phone numbers on your database are likely to be cell numbers.

Cleanlist’s Cell Number Identification service is ideal for marketers, compliance departments, IT departments, and call centers.

Some Cleanlist clients also use this service to prioritize contacts for live person calling versus auto-dialer, because the answer rate is much higher for cell numbers.

When you order Cell Number Identification, you’ll receive a result file containing your original input file with a Cell Number flag appended.

A summary report provides statistical data describing your results.


  1. Enable execution of mobile marketing campaigns.
  2. Segment cell phone numbers separately from landline numbers.
  3. Prioritize call center activities to focus operators on cell phone numbers.

Service Channels


  • High level of customization.
  • Submit data in nearly any format.
  • Project manager will guide you.
  • No commitment or minimum volume requirements.


  • Cleanlist Sales will prepare a  Statement-of-Work (SOW) for your approval.
  • Web-based secure file exchange.


  • Fully automated solution.
  • Conforms to your data standards.
  • On-demand, immediate processing.
  • Place orders 24/7.


  • Subscription Agreement.
  • Exchanges files via SFTP.

Match Rate

75 – 85% Range.

Match Rate Factors:
  • Telephone Number Accuracy.

Fields Appended

Phone Number Type:
  • M = Mobile / Cell
  • L = Landline
  • X = Unknown
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