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Deceased Identification

Promptly identify deceased customers, pensioners, policy and account holders.

In 2013 Cleanlist announced the release of Canada’s first comprehensive database of deceased Canadians. The Canadian Deceased Registry is a national database of deceased Canadians built by Cleanlist in cooperation with industry partners including hundreds of funeral homes and community newspapers. The database is updated daily and covers all of Canada’s 10 provinces and 3 territories.

The Canadian Deceased Registry contains over 2.8 million deceased Canadians with approximately 4,000 being added weekly. According to Statistics Canada, there are approximately 250,000 Canadian deaths each year.

Why Identify Deceased Contacts?

For Financial Institutions, Insurance Companies, Pension Managers and related industries, the ability to quickly identify deceased individuals can lead to reduced delinquency rates, less fraud, saved downstream administration in collection and other trace departments, and prompt account closure and wrap-up.

For Marketers and Fundraisers, deceased suppression increases return-on-investment and response rates, saves resources and environmental waste, and avoids complaints by not offending surviving family members. If you’re looking to suppress contacts from your marketing campaign, we recommend Cleanlist’s Deceased Suppression service.

How Does Cleanlist’s Deceased Identification Service Work?

Cleanlist’s Deceased Identification service matches contacts in your file to the Canadian Deceased Registry. The identification algorithm uses name, address, and date of birth. Confidence codes are applied to each match to indicate the certainty of the match.

The Cleanlist Deceased Identification product includes access to a self-service web-site that you can use to further research the death by viewing an archived copy of the Cleanlist evidence contained in the Canadian Deceased Registry.

Cleanlist’s clients use this evidence, in conjunction with other collaborating data available internally, to review and confirm final results.

An included summary report provides statistical data describing your results.


  1. Ability to promptly close and settle deceased accounts.
  2. Reduce delinquency rates and lessen exposure to fraud.
  3. Saved resources in downstream administration, collection and trace departments.
  4. Fewer complaints arising from offended surviving family members.

Service Channels


  • High level of customization.
  • Submit data in nearly any format.
  • Project manager will guide you.
  • No commitment or minimum volume requirements.


  • Cleanlist Sales will prepare a  Statement-of-Work (SOW) for your approval.
  • Web-based secure file exchange.


  • Fully automated solution.
  • Conforms to your data standards.
  • On-demand, immediate processing.
  • Place orders 24/7.


  • Subscription Agreement.
  • Exchanges files via SFTP.


  • Host Cleanlist data and/or applications at your location.
  • Highest level of customization.
  • Maximum control of your data.
  • Unlimited usage licenses.
  • Regular database updates.


  • Subscription Agreement.

Match Rate

0.5 – 3% Range.

Match Rate Factors:
  • List type (only consumers are included)
  • Age of accounts and maintenance update process.
  • List demographics (age)

Fields Appended

Deceased Flag:
  • D = Deceased
  • - = Not Deceased
Deceased Match Type:
  • C1 = Highest Confidence Match
  • C2 = Very High Confidence Match
  • C3 = High Confidence Match
  • C4 = Suspected Match
  • C5 = Potential Match
  • X1 = Missing Last Name
  • X5 = Not Matched
Deceased Date (CCYYMMDD)
Deceased Identification Key
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