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ResponseCanada™ Pre-Movers

A move is coming! Now is the time to act.

A move represents one of life’s most significant changes for the consumer you serve. Identifying this change early in the cycle provides an opportunity to favorably influence behavior. Cleanlist’s pre-mover data is most often used to improve customer retention when the mover is a customer, or for customer acquisition when they’re not.

Improve your organization’s retention or acquisition rates by being first to approach this receptive and financially astute audience.

With flexible licensing options and the ability to customize the data based on quantity, geography, demographics and other filterable options, ResponseCanada™ Pre-Movers data is a powerful tool to add to your marketing arsenal.

Each month, Cleanlist publishes a national database of pre-movers.

For acquisition programs, subscribe to ResponseCanada™ Pre-Movers, and receive a targeted pre-mover database, tailored to your specifications.

For retention programs, Cleanlist can identify pre-movers within your customer base and provide you with monthly action lists.

ResponseCanada™ Pre-Movers: It’s easy. It’s affordable. And it works!

Better data.

ResponseCanada™ is Canada’s leading contact database brand. No other database is as flexible, comprehensive or up-to-date. Whether you need a database for prospecting, verification or research purposes, you can count on ResponseCanada™ to get the job done!

The ResponseCanada™ Consumer product family has Canada covered with:

Get started today.

All ResponseCanada™ Consumer products are built for flexibility. You can choose:

  • Region: Select by province, postal code, area code, city, radius around a point, and more
  • Targeting criteria: Age, income, home value, home ownership, and many more
  • Data elements: Names, addresses, phone numbers, and many optional enhancements
  • License term: ResponseCanada™  Pre-Movers is available by subscription with fresh data delivered monthly
  • Usage need: Direct mail, telesales, research, single-use or unlimited

Call Cleanlist to discuss your organization’s unique needs. We’ll take you through the options and then follow-up with actual data counts and a proposal.

ResponseCanada™ Pre-Movers Database Specifications

  • Database Size: 550,000 +/- per month (annual average)
  • Source: Compiled from multiple public sources including property for sale listings, plus various enhancement
  • Updated: New pre-movers available monthly

Service Channels Available


  • High level of customization.
  • Submit data in nearly any format.
  • Project manager will guide you.
  • No commitment or minimum volume requirements.


  • Cleanlist Sales will prepare a  Statement-of-Work (SOW) for your approval.
  • Web-based secure file exchange.


  • Host Cleanlist data and/or applications at your location.
  • Highest level of customization.
  • Maximum control of your data.
  • Unlimited usage licenses.
  • Regular database updates.


  • Subscription Agreement.

Pre-Mover Database Features

  • Canada’s only comprehensive pre-mover database that you can bring in-house!
  • Address validated and enhanced by Cleanlist, the market leader in Canadian data quality.
  • Address-corrected to 95% or better on mailable records
  • National compiled database containing a wide variety of demographic and enhancement variables.
  • National TELCO and property for sale updates applied continuously.
  • Contains accurate and actionable information for successful marketing campaigns.
  • Fully compliant with Canadian privacy law (see PIPEDA) and other government legislation.

Available Data Elements

ResponseCanada™ Pre-Movers

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