Gender Append

Enhance your contact database by adding gender.

Cleanlist's Gender Append service adds male/female/unisex identifiers to your contact list based on first name data. Cleanlist uses an extensive 160,000+ name dictionary containing names of many nationalities and origins as well as nicknames.

Gender Append is an essential enhancement tool for many data management projects. It allows for gender-based analytics plus allows marketers to create gender-based personalized communications with their customers and prospects. Such personalization typically results in increased response rates.

When you order Gender Append, you’ll receive a result file with the gender appended to each record.

An included summary report provides statistical data describing your results.


  1. Increase response rates by adding a personal touch to communications.
  2. Segment database by gender for targeted marketing.

Service Channels


Match Rates

85 - 95% Range.

Match Rate Factors:

  • List quality (structure, data entry)
  • List type (profile, geography, demographics)

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  • Demographic Append - Enhance your contact list and enable segmentation with demographic profiles.
  • Dwelling Append - Segment your database by home type, value, and age.

Fields Appended

Field Name

Gender Append Match Code:

  • G = Genderized
  • - = Not Genderized

Gender Code:

  • M = Male
  • F = Female
  • N = Neutral

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