Collect more. Spend less.

Cleanlist’s data won’t collect your accounts for you — but it will give you a serious competitive advantage and help you collect more.

As Canada’s leading non-credit-bureau data supplier to the A/R management and collections industry, Cleanlist can provide you with more and better phone numbers, current addresses, and triggers and profile data to juice your collection strategies. And with our monitoring program, you’ll be the first to receive new updates on your debtors, so you can act with speed and precision to boost your results and your bottom line.

Beyond a bureau

If you’re like most of our clients, you already have a relationship with one or both of Canada’s credit bureaus, and there’s no arguing you need credit bureau data to run a successful collections business. However, Cleanlist is different from credit bureaus: we’re a powerful add-on to their offerings.

Cleanlist acquires data from different and often proprietary sources including Canada Post, all 14 Canadian telephone companies, social media and other Internet sources, real estate transactions, Environics Analytics, The Canadian Deceased Registry and other partners and data modeling firms. The data is collected, validated, and assimilated to improve your ability to connect with debtors, and better inform your collection approach. When used effectively, Cleanlist’s data is a proven and powerful enhancement to credit bureau data and a competitive advantage for your business.

A subscription to success

When you subscribe to Cleanlist’s Deluxe A/R Scrub, you’ll receive current and accurate data on your debtors to help you craft an intelligent, data-driven collection strategy that your team can execute. Your subscription will include:

  • Phone numbers that are new to your current profile
  • Move update notifications and new addresses when yours are outdated
  • Address fixes for when yours have errors
  • Alerts when your debtors pass away
  • Alerts when your debtors’ homes are put up for sale
  • Predictions for which debtors own their home
  • Assignments to lifestyle segments that help predict ability to pay
  • Notices when postal mail is not being delivered

For collection agencies, Cleanlist recommends you use the Deluxe A/R Scrub service for all your new business assignments. You’ll receive all the enhancements and validations listed above within minutes of submitting a file. In addition, Cleanlist will monitor your accounts and provide ongoing updates as they occur for the duration of your assignment (up to six months). Your subscription will be based on the number of accounts you typically onboard per month.

For debt buyers and portfolio managers, Cleanlist recommends the Deluxe A/R Scrub for your entire portfolio. You’ll receive a complete update to your portfolio, including all the data and verifications listed above, immediately after loading it. Then for the life of the account, you’ll receive ongoing updates as new data becomes available. Your subscription will be based on the overall size of your portfolio.

The onboarding process is fast and straightforward. Our team is eager to help you get started with an evaluation of your portfolio or sample new business file. We’ll demonstrate the results on your own data and propose a subscription solution that will get you started.

Contact us today to discuss next steps, including how you can access Cleanlist’s data evaluation. And get started going beyond the bureau, and into real success.

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