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These aren’t 1970 Dunning Letters. Get on board with today’s.

The name “dunning letter” sounds old and stodgy — but in revolutionizing this standard collections tool, that’s the only part we kept. Everything else is new, modern, fast, and flexible. In fact, there’s nothing on the market — and certainly not in your facility — that comes anywhere close to this state-of-the-art process when measured by any metric that matters: speed, accuracy, flexibility, auditability, security and cost effectiveness.

Letters, Cleanlist?

You know Cleanlist as a modern data company, so you may be wondering, why the letter service? Isn’t stuffing envelopes and licking stamps old-tech? You’re right on both points, but at Cleanlist we had a vision for something much different.

We saw the opportunity to combine our data knowledge and process automation skills to create something new and powerful, handling dunning letters very differently from the past. This new way has since become the Cleanlist way, and it’s saving our customers a ton of money while producing far better outcomes than any other inhouse or outsourced alternative.

As a collections professional, you’re all too aware of the regulatory requirements of sending these letters and of the high cost of mailing them. While Cleanlist can’t change the laws, we’ve found many opportunities to optimize the process to your advantage.

Mailing, modernized

The key part of the solution is careful scrutiny of data in ways that only Cleanlist can do. We learned that a huge number of letters mailed were never delivered due to bad addresses (for a whole host of reasons), and to debtors that aren’t even alive. While there’s a legal requirement that you attempt to mail a dunning letter, there’s no requirement that you waste money mailing junk. Fixing these problems and setting aside the bad ones saves our clients tens of thousands of dollars a month.

In addition to extensive data scrutiny, we modernized the document design and production process by setting up an advanced digital platform. Every letter is accuracy-checked and professionally designed. The Cleanlist team is highly skilled at this and regularly saves our clients from embarrassing and costly mistakes. The same team oversees the data-flow process where your account files are cleansed, segmented and merged into letter production streams. The whole process is lightning-fast and highly automated, so your letters are produced quickly with the lowest possible spend.

Further innovation and cost-saving occurs downstream in document delivery.  For letters requiring Canada Post delivery, we make sure you quality for the lowest rates available (using what Canada Post calls Incentive Lettermail). An even bigger saving is available when email delivery is possible. Here, Cleanlist automatically routes the letter for digital delivery (using the identical letter template and assembly process) to save postage.

Your process remains greatly simplified by having one execution partner and a single version of each letter template. Returned items (both postal mail and email) are collected, aggregated digitally and returned to you in a weekly file. Even the reporting and management summaries are integrated across the postal and email delivery channels for your ease of management.

Digital proof

The last — and maybe most important — step in producing your letters is to save them in a digital library that’s fast and easy to access. Whether you need the letter to support a client audit, for legal reasons, or for a debtor inquiry, you’ll be able to immediately access an exact copy of the letter sent regardless of when or by what channel. Even letters that are set aside and not mailed for quality reasons are produced and stored in your digital library. This feature alone can save you many hours of searching for letter copies, or worse, not being able to prove that a letter was produced.

Finally, but of critical importance, the end-to-end data and lettering process is executed within Cleanlist’s SOC2-certified facility. You and your clients will take comfort knowing that your data is safe, secure, and professionally managed in accordance with the very highest security and confidentiality standards.

A solution that flies like nowhere else

As a next step, we invite you to evaluate DunningExpress and see for yourself what a significant impact it can have for your organization. Our sales team is standing by, ready to answer your questions, demonstrate the value opportunities, and provide an easy-to-follow onboarding process.

Plug your letter production into Cleanlist today — and flock with the millions of others we’ve already taught how to fly.

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