A goldmine of business prospects.

Step up to Canada’s #1 business lead database.

At Cleanlist, we know that great data drives revenue -- and bad data creates nothing but frustration and losses. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of bad data out there, especially when it comes to businesses. That’s why Cleanlist developed ResponseCanada Business, Canada’s newest and most advanced compilation of commercial enterprises.

Two million strong

ResponseCanada Business is a database of every business and business location in Canada — over two million — complete with contact information and firmographic data to help you target and profile with precision. The product is built for B2B marketing and sales professionals, researchers, and data scientists who need clean, complete and up-to-date information on Canadian enterprises of all types and sizes.

The expert team at Cleanlist compiles the data using advanced machine learning and validation techniques to eliminate the problems that plague competitors, like defunct leads, bad addresses, disconnected phone numbers, missing companies, duplicates and erroneous classifications. The result is a dataset that’s clean, current, and reliable. It’s exactly what you need to drive your campaigns, keep your sales productivity high and generate revenue.

Stay current

The other big challenge with business databases is keeping them current. Cleanlist solves this with its subscription program: instead of just ordering a list, you can acquire ResponseCanada Business on a subscription model. You’ll avoid paying large upfront costs and have the benefit of continuing updates and always current data.

As a subscriber, you’ll be able to define and refine your ResponseCanada Business database to include exactly your target market or ideal customer profile. You can specify your geography by province, postal code, area code or even distance from your store or service locations. Then you can further refine your selection by industry or size of company. You’ll end up with a perfect database representation of your target market. Cleanlist will even help you identify and flag existing customers, so you can easily target new ones only.

Give your data-driven campaigns an advantage out of the gate. Get more and better leads, higher conversion rates and more revenue. Subscribe to ResponseCanada Business.

Base Data Elements Included

  • Unique Identifier: ResponseCanada Business supports response tracking and database updates by providing a unique identifier on every record. This identifier persists for the life of the record to make your response analysis and update tracking easy and precise.
  • Business Name & Corporate Name: Cleanlist provides you with the operating name of the business, as well as the corporate or legal name if it’s different and available. Having both names allows you to better link records from the same entity that may be represented by different names.
  • Postal Address: Physical location postal records are provided for direct mail and market analysis applications. Each is cleaned, standardized, and validated to Canada Post’s highest standards. Addresses that cannot be used for direct mail are flagged so they’re easy for you to suppress.
  • Contact Names: Cleanlist will provide you with decision maker contact names and titles, when available, to enable personalization and higher response rates.
  • Telephone Number: ResponseCanada New Business includes phone numbers so you can utilize both telesales and direct mail campaigns.
  • Website URL: Cleanlist provides website URL’s to help your sales team research the business and further qualify the prospect.
  • NAICS & SIC Identification: Your business records will include both the North American Industry Code Standard (NAICS) and the older Standard Industry Code (SIC) to allow you to segment, personalize, and target your campaigns.

Optional Data Elements Available

  • Year Established: Knowing how established a business is can help you customize your approach and better qualify them for certain opportunities.
  • Number of Employees and Annual Revenue: For sales opportunities and marketing research where business size is important, Cleanlist can provide an estimate of these important metrics.
  • Business Location Type: Cleanlist classifies each location so you can easily identify headquarters, branches, or licensed operators such as franchises, dealers & agents, to more precisely target your communications to the most responsive audience.
  • Geocode Location: Roof-top level latitude and longitude coordinates are available on ResponseCanada Business to help you personalize your campaigns to reference the nearest store or service location, or to utilize mapping technology for a more visual representation of your data.

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