Acquire new customers with precision.

When you can’t just blanket an area, PCT it.

Canada Post’s toolkit just got better with the introduction of Postal Code Targeting (PCT). It’s a mail marketing solution that fits between Neighborhood Mail (aka Unaddressed AdMail) and Personalized Mail (aka Address AdMail). You gain flexibility and better targeting, without the full expense (or power) of personalized direct mail.

PCT is better and more expensive than Neighbourhood Mail. Neighbourhood Mail is at Canada Post’s low-end of direct mail solutions (it used to be called Unaddressed AdMail). It’s basically flyer delivery that can be targeted to geographic regions as small as a “Delivery Mode”; a tight geographic area that’s bigger than a Postal Code but only a subset of an FSA (which is the first 3 characters of a Postal Code). On average, a Delivery Mode contains 300 households. You select the Delivery Modes and Canada Post delivers your flyer to every household within it.

PCT isn’t as good, or as expensive, as Personalized Mail (which used to be called Addressed AdMail). As you can guess, Personalized Mail is personalized – usually with at least the name and address of the recipient on the outer envelope of the postcard. Postal Code Targeting mail can’t be personalized.

Postal Code Targeting introduces 2 new flyer delivery capabilities: you can target smaller areas AND you can omit delivering to existing customers.

Since a Postal Code is smaller than a Delivery Mode (approximately 17 households vs. 300), the targeting is more precise. Depending on your target market, this can make a huge difference in improving your response rates.

Even more importantly, PCT allows you to suppress mailing to certain addresses within the Postal Code (typically these are existing customers). This is important when promoting special offers designed exclusively for new customer acquisition.

The beneficiaries of PCT mail are businesses that require high density coverage in certain geographic areas, but who also have a lot of existing customers that they’d like to exclude. PCT Mail provides the refined ability to better target flyers to prospective customers only.

Cleanlist’s is a Canada Post Partner and is equipped to prepare Postal Code Targeting mailings on your behalf. Connect with us at Cleanlist to learn more about PCT and how we can help you add this new product to your marketing mix.

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