Acquire new customers with precision.

Big moves mean big decisions. Here’s how you get the business.

Whether your focus is customer retention or acquisition, households that are planning a move are a lucrative segment to engage. With ResponseCanada Pre-Movers — Canada’s most complete and accurate compilation of homes listed for sale (pre-movers)– you can out-market your competitors by targeting movers before they move and make commitments to products like financial services, communications solutions, security, utilities, moving and shipping services, home improvement products and more.

Moves are a key lifestyle trigger. We might be beginning the journey with our first home, stepping up into bigger digs as we age, or downsizing later in life to simplify and build our cash reserves. Regardless of the reason, movers need new products and services and are financially and psychologically empowered to respond favorably to your offers. And since pre-movers are at the beginning of the move cycle, they’re an especially attractive long-term customer prospect.

Cleanlist’s proprietary data is the best you can get, allowing you to act with speed and precision.

Built precisely for consumer marketers, researchers, and data scientists, ResponseCanada Pre-Movers publishes Canada’s most complete and accurate national database of approximately 250,000 Canadian households that are planning a move now — with in-depth profiles that allow for precision targeting and personalized messaging.

This one-of-a-kind, customizable and scalable solution is provided under subscription. You define your target geography and then select a` la carte from a rich menu of available data elements. Your geography can be defined as all of Canada, specific provinces, select cities, territories or area codes, and even individual store trade areas.

Then, you leave the rest to Cleanlist. Your ResponseCanada Pre-Movers subscription will provide you a continual and reliable flow of new leads that you can execute on and convert, every single month.

Base Data Elements, Included

  • Persistent Identifiers: ResponseCanada Pre-Movers supports response tracking and database updates by providing a unique identifier on every record. This identifier persists for the life of the record to make your response analysis and update tracking easy and precise.
  • Postal Addresses: Cleanlist cleans and validates every pre-mover mailing address and identifies the ones you can use for direct mail. Cleanlist can even flag or remove your existing customers, so you can easily identify your acquisition versus retention opportunities.
  • Occupants: Cleanlist will provide you with occupant names, when available, to enable personalization and higher response rates.

Optional Data Elements Available

  • Telephone Numbers: Your ResponseCanada Pre-Mover subscription can include telephone numbers when available. Although the majority of pre-movers are reachable only by direct mail, telesales opportunities are available. And Cleanlist can help you comply with Canada’s Do-Not-Call legislation by identifying those that are clear to call.
  • Gender & Ethnicity: For pre-mover records where the occupant is known, Cleanlist enhances the data with gender and ethnicity so you can segment and further personalize your messaging.
  • Geocoding: When distance to the nearest store, service center, or club location is key, add geocoding to your ResponseCanada Pre-Mover subscription. Cleanlist can even customize your subscription by appending your closest store or service location, making message personalization even easier.
  • Demographic Profiles: Finding the perfect households to target requires a clear understanding of your customer demographics. How old are they? How affluent? Do they have children? What’s their education, occupation? Cleanlist can help you answer these questions and better target your pre-mover program by profiling your customer data then selecting the best new movers to target. The more you know, the more successful you’ll be.
  • Dwelling Profiles: If the homes of your best prospects share similar characteristics, ResponseCanada Pre-Mover’s dwelling profiles will power your prospecting performance to new heights. Your pre-mover subscription can be enhanced to include dwelling characteristics like home value, type of home, and/or its age. Better targeting will yield higher response rates and more profitable campaigns.
  • Donation History: Some folks have the capacity and willingness to be more generous than others: the challenge for fundraisers is to find them. Add donation history to your ResponseCanada Pre-Movers subscription so you can target the best donors first.
  • Lifestyle Segments: Customer segmentation and model building aren’t for the faint of heart, but thankfully Cleanlist provides an easy solution. Off-the-shelf customer segmentation systems like PRIZM provide a reliable and cost effective way to segment your customers and prospects alike. When added to your ResponseCanada Pre-Mover subscription, you can target the precise mover segments most likely to respond to your offers.
  • Census & Electoral Districts: Census boundaries like CMAs and Subdivisions provide a convenient way to target broader geographics that include groups of small towns and suburban townships. Federal election ridings are also available. When you add these options to your ResponseCanada Pre-Mover subscription, you can easily identify your target audiences and drive more concise reporting and analytics.

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