Life’s better with clean data.

Set and repeat for ultimate efficiency.

If you acquire lists on a continual basis that need the same cleaning treatment each time, Cleanlist’s automated solution — designed to meet exactly this need — will save you money and get you results faster, too.

As Canada’s largest volume provider of database cleaning services, with more services and ways to access them than anyone else, there’s no limit to what we can help you achieve.

We create repeatable processing scripts that you can access via SFTP file transfer 24/7. Results are usually returned within minutes, so there’s no waiting before your next process can begin.

Here are some common projects we undertake:

  1. Preparing recurring batches of incoming sales leads for an ongoing mailing program.
  2. Cleaning and enhancing batches of inquiry data, and formatting it for loading into a CRM system.
  3. Appending telephone numbers to name and address lists you receive regularly from a partner or supplier.

The Cleanlist Solution

Automated Database Cleaning solutions are delivered on a fully-automated platform using SFTP (secure file transfer protocol) for file exchange. The end-to-end solution is built and tested to your specifications and deployed in our London, Ontario data centre. No software is installed on your premises. The system is accessible 24/7, and results are typically delivered within minutes of data submission.

This solution requires a subscription.

Solution Options

Our extensive service offering gives you more capabilities than anywhere else. If you need help figuring out which options you need, our experts are here to help you.

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