Life’s better with clean data.

If you’re an industry expert, we’ll put our best-of-breed tools directly into your hands.

If you’re a direct marketing industry expert who would like to offer Cleanlist’s advanced data cleaning and enhancement services as part of your own services, or integrate them into a bigger solution, you’re in luck: Cleanlist is happy to partner with reputable experts who require regular access to our services for resale or integration.

Partners include direct marketing agencies, data analytics and modeling agencies, printers and lettershops, data cleaning and enhancement specialists, and delivery and logistic companies. And one way Cleanlist supports these partners is through a self-service portal where you can access Cleanlist’s data and technology on an as-needed basis, with near real-time turnaround.

This solution is offered only to Cleanlist partners. End-users should consider Cleanlist’s Premium Database Update or Automated Database Update solutions. Both of these solutions are designed precisely to meet your needs.

The Cleanlist Solution

This solution is delivered for approved partners only, through a portal available 24/7. No software is required on your premise and the results are typically delivered within minutes of order submission. It requires a subscription and a minimum commitment.

Cleanlist’s exclusive Data Evaluations, where you can preflight files and see the results, are available to partners at no cost, to help you communicate value and increase sales to your end-user clients.

Solution Options

Our extensive service offering gives you more capabilities than anywhere else. If you need help figuring out which options you need, our experts are here to help you.

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