Plug into a modern document factory.

Digitized from start to finish.

Take a quantum leap forward in how you produce and deliver personalized letters.

The need to produce and mail letters has existed for decades and is expected to continue for years to come. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t adopt new technologies to make the process more automated, faster, and efficient. Enhancing your document production process with services like data validation, digitization, hybrid delivery systems, and digitized return mail processing are a game changer for many firms and Cleanlist can help you get there. 

Cleanlist is a leading business process outsourcing (BPO) firm with deep expertise in data and document management. We turn data into highly personalized documents and then execute the delivery processes – in both physically and digit form. We then continue to support you post-mailing with services like building an archived digital document library, return mail / email management, response analysis, inventory fulfillment, and other related services.

Available Services:

  1. Template Design & Management
  2. Data validation, correction, quality assurance
  3. Materials procurement & inventory management
  4. Printing and mailing services
  5. Email delivery
  6. Return mail / email management
  7. Data analytics and reporting

Whether your organization needs an automated end-to-end document production solution that’s executed daily, or an outsource partner who provides advanced document production and quality control to occasional custom projects Cleanlist can deliver.

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