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10X your performance
with a clean data foundation

Professionally cleaned data
unlocks a world of possibilities

  • Purge clutter for better
    focus and efficiency
  • Fill in missing pieces to
    improve data performance
  • Keep your database
    current and organized

Nothing boosts outcomes like
clean, accurate, profiled data

But that’s not what most organizations are working with.

Database Cleaning & Enhancement is the cornerstone of Cleanlist’s success. We know that inaccurate, outdated, and incomplete information is all over most databases. Every error is potentially a lost opportunity and money out the window.

With Cleanlist, you get exactly what our name implies: Error-free, up-to-the-minute data, with all the information you need to bring your best game. And you can start playing that game almost immediately, as our services can be done with remarkable speed.

As Canada’s largest volume provider of database maintenance services, Cleanlist offers you more services and ways to access them than anyone else. If you’ve got one or more databases of Canadian consumers or businesses that you’d like to dramatically improve – by cleaning, enhancing, merging, re-formatting, validating and more – you came to the right place.

Many of these deep-cleaning options aren't available
anywhere else

Cleaning and Standardization Options


Correct and format your addresses to Canada Post’s standards and beyond


Parse and organize your address data into its component parts for flexibility


Parse names into their component parts to enable precise personalization


Humanize your messaging for
a polished and personalized appeal

Mover Update Options

National Change
of Address – NCOA

Update your database
with mover notifications from
Canada Post for better reach

Change of Address

Improve your NCOA results and capture additional moves with Cleanlist’s proprietary address data

Property for
Sale Identification

Retain and up-sell
customers by identifying
those planning a move

Suppression Options


Removing deceased contacts improves brand image and reduces complaints


Remove duplicates to avoid embarrassment and waste

Canadian Marketing

Reduce complaints and comply with mail marketing preferences

CRTC National
Do Not Call
List Suppression

Ensure your telemarketing
campaigns comply
with CRTC regulations

Data Completion Options

Phone Number

Improve telephone contact rates with better phone numbers

Address Append

Fill in missing address data to improve deliverability

Suite In-Fill

Append missing
unit numbers for effective delivery

Occupant Append

Enhance your address database with the current occupant’s name and phone number

Reverse Phone

Expand your phone number list to include names and address to better target

Data Enhancement Options

PRIZM Append

Target smarter with Environics Analytics’ leading segmentation system


Profile your customers by age, income, and more for maximum effectiveness

Dwelling Append

Boost results by knowing characteristics of the home

Donation History

Find your highest
potential charitable

Ethnicity Append

Improve targeting
and analytics through
ethnic segmentation

Gender Append

Improve response rates with more personalized messaging

Geocode Append

Improve engagement with location information

Industry Append

Personalize and target your messaging by industry

Direct access to millions of diverse Canadian consumers starts here

Put Canada's best data to work and power all your campaigns

  • Acquire new customers
    with precision campaigns
  • Analyze and rank
    target neighborhoods
  • Power data analytics and
    warehousing products

You know that high quality data pays off. Now here's the best in Canada

ResponseCanada Consumer is Canada’s largest, most responsive customer database. Micro-target every household in Canada by geography, age, income, homeownership, and much more. You can license all of Canada or any subset that aligns with your target market.

New movers are big spenders who are changing things up. We can connect you with all of them

ResponseCanada Pre-Movers / Movers is Canada’s biggest and most accurate compilation of Canadian households on the move. Cleanlist meticulously tracks every Canadian home that’s listed for sale, then follows it through the move process. Each record is cleaned, standardized and enriched in ways that only Cleanlist can do – complete with in-depth profiles to allow for precision targeting and personalized messaging. For many organizations, this is a gold-mine just waiting to be tapped.

Postal Code Targeting might just be the silver bullet you've always wanted

Postal Code Targeting by Canada Post introduces two new flyer delivery capabilities: you can target smaller areas AND you can omit delivering to existing customers. For certain campaigns, this can be a big win. The expert team at Cleanlist can help you decide, and make it happen.

We'll better target your flyers and produce more leads

Unaddressed Mail Campaigns run by Cleanlist provide a better ROI. We maintain data on Canadian neighbourhoods and households to help ensure your flyers get delivered and get a response. We’ll even optimize printing and delivery so you’ll save time and money. Less work, less waste, better results.

Why hope
when you can be sure?

Identity and life verification just got a whole lot faster and easier

  • Protect your
  • Fight back
    against fraud
  • Comply with KYC

Does an end-of-life event expose your organization to risk?

Deceased Identification is a Cleanlist-exclusive life verification solution that can inform you of deceased customers, accounts, or policyholders quickly and precisely. More than 250,000 Canadians die annually. Yet many of them remain on databases for months and even years.

The old ways of life verification required extensive sampling and the mailing of cumbersome proof-of-life forms. These processes are expensive to execute and very slow to work. Thankfully, there’s a much better way.

Cleanlist helped create the Canadian Deceased Registry – the only commercially available record of deceased Canadians. It’s updated daily, directly from Canada’s 2,200 funeral homes. Coverage is broad and the data is highly accurate.

The Deceased Identification service securely monitors your accounts and alerts you to deaths the moment they occur. Plus, you’ll get access to an online tool to verify the data and confirm the death. No other solution is as timely, easy-to-use, and effective.

Occupancy verification is just an API call away

Right Party Verification is a Cleanlist-exclusive occupancy verification solution that helps you confirm that someone lives where you think they do. It’s used as part of Know-Your-Customer (KYC) compliance programs, to help reduce fraud, and to clean and validate large databases.

Maybe you’ve been out of touch for a while, and want to confirm your addresses. Or, possibly you need to be extra sure something important or expensive gets there. In many cases, our clients use Right Party Verification as part of their account onboarding and KYC program. For all these situations and more, Right Party Verification can help you save costs, prevent fraud, and invest with certainty.

Plug in to a modern
Letter Factory

Compose, print, and distribute your sensitive personalized letters with ease and accuracy

  • Scale your letter volumes
    with speed and accuracy
  • Save every letter in your
    personal Letter Vault
  • Wipe out costs
    and complexity

Your very own Letter Factory

Letters may be old-school but they continue to serve a critical role within many industries and applications. Cleanlist’s digital Letter Factory was purpose-built to serve this need while eliminating production and distribution complexities.

You’re in complete control. You can set up unlimited templates. Then, add in all the personalization you need. Each gets a unique identifier that you simply reference in your data feed. And if required, Cleanlist will expertly clean and format your data to ensure deliverability and error-fee letter composition.

Within hours, your letters will be in the mail – or emailed if requested. You’ll receive a detailed control report and be able to view digital copies of every letter in your personal Letter Vault.

The whole process is fast, simple, and secure – opposite of the way you do it now. What are you waiting for? Move your letter production into the Letter Factory today!

Collect more, spend
less, and crush the competition

DunningExpress is a Letter Factory solution specially built to serve the needs of the Accounts Receivable Management (ARM) and Collections industry.

Cleanlist produces millions of collection letters a year and has built an end-to-end process to meet the stringent requirements of the ARM industry including compliance, audit, security, scalability, and performance.

Embedded in the process are deep-cleaning data capabilities that aren’t available anywhere else. These features save ARM firms tens of thousands of dollars in otherwise wasted expenses.

DunningExpress is modern, fast, and efficient. From a performance and cost-saving perspective, it crushes in-house and traditional mail-house alternatives on every metric.

You already know that success begins with great data. Here’s where you get it

The Canadian business landscape is vast and ever-changing. And we're on top of it

  • Analyze and rank
    target industries
  • Acquire new customers
    with precision campaigns
  • Power data analytics
    and warehousing products

You know that high quality data pays off. Now here's the best in Canada

ResponseCanada Business is the most advanced business directory in the country. Get full, accurate data, complete with contact information and firmographic insights to help you target, profile and analyze with unparalleled precision.

The full ResponseCanada Business database contains over 2.5 million business locations. And unlike most others, Cleanlist maintains and verifies its data so you don’t have to. You can license the full database or any subset that aligns with your target market.

Yes. Being first matters

ResponseCanada New Businesses gets you to the door first. You can target any of the 20,000-plus new businesses that open in Canada each month because Cleanlist has them all, complete with contact details and company profiles.

Don’t be let down by second and third-tier suppliers with sloppy, inaccurate data. Experience the speed and precision of a Cleanlist-powered solution today.

Here’s why the biggest and the best brands choose Cleanlist


Streamline your customer data solutions sourcing and leverage our team’s deep data expertise.


Solutions provided the way you want them, through our team, by API or Cleanlist Cloud.



More data and more services to help you with database maintenance, prospecting, data enhancement, and risk management.


We’re Canada’s largest customer data company, successfully serving the biggest and most established brands in the country.


World-class data security backed up by the SOC2 (Service Organization Control) certification.

If Canadian customer data is important to you,then you’re important to us

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