Here’s why leading organizations like yours choose Cleanlist for Canadian contact data:

  1. 100% Canada Focused.
    When it comes to Canadian contact data solutions, we clean and update more contact data than all our competitors combined. We’re the largest volume provider in Canada serving hundreds of clients and updating and licensing hundreds of millions of records per year. We offer you more products, more services, and more ways to access them than any other provider, so you’ll never be left with bad data or a problem Cleanlist can’t solve. Let us show you why we’re the best in Canada at what we do.
  2. You Get Better Data.

    At Cleanlist, our entire team is focused exclusively on contact data for Canada. We have an intimate understanding of contact databases, the challenges and its opportunities. Our expertise and rich reference data resources ensure we can clean, maintain, acquire and enhance your data better than anyone.

    If you’re considering doing this in-house, unless you have a budget in the millions, we think you’ll find us the quicker, cheaper and better option — just like hundreds of successful clients do.

  3. Your Data is Safe.
    Don’t put your company’s valuable contact data at risk. Unlike other companies offering to help you with your data, Cleanlist operates a fully-equipped, fully SOC2 certified data centre located on Canadian soil. The biggest banks and insurance companies trust us; you can too.
  4. You can Integrate Customer and Prospect Data.
    Cleanlist covers all the bases when it comes to Canadian B2B and B2C contact data. We can clean, enhance and organize the data you already have, and we can help you acquire the prospect data you need to grow. Why license software and databases, and engage multiple service providers or brokers, when Cleanlist can integrate everything you need into a single, simple solution?
  5. You can Automate Everything.
    All of Cleanlist’s solutions can be highly customized and delivered on an automated, real-time platform. Need to integrate multiple data sources, including internal customer or suppression data? Have custom business rules to build-in? Need to integrate with your internal systems? No problem to all this and much more: Cleanlist specializes in customizing and automating its solutions to save you time and money.
  6. You gain access to Exclusive Databases

    Only Cleanlist’s customers have access to these proprietary, national coverage databases:

    • ResponseCanadaTM Consumer
    • ResponseCanadaTM Business
    • ResponseCanadaTM Movers
    • ResponseCanadaTM New Businesses
    • Canadian Deceased RegistryTM
    • Proprietary Change of Address (PCOA)
    • Properties for Sale
    • Ethnic Origin

    Proven every single day, these solutions can give you the edge you’ve been looking for, sometimes even overnight.

  7. You Get Great Service!

    As much we love technology and data, it’s the people you end up working with that really make the difference.

    You need fast, accurate pricing and a flexible contract? Questions answered quickly, with access to technical experts? Clear, helpful progress reports when your project is in progress?

    On all these counts, Cleanlist will deliver. And in the rare case that you run into trouble and you need to talk directly to an owner, your request will go straight to the top.

    Cleanlist’s customers tell us they’re impressed by our knowledgeable, accessible and easy to get along with team. We’d love the chance to impress you, too.