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Cleanlist Reports January 2024 Pre-Movers in Canada

Pre-Mover Intent Data Factoid
Number of Pre-Movers Skyrockets at the Start of 2024

In January, Cleanlist identified 39,345 pre-movers in Canada. We noticed a small 1.2% increase in pre-movers from January 2023 to January 2024, and a large increase of 50% month-to-month.

Based on data we have collected previously, it is apparent that movers prefer to list their house in January rather than December. If we look at last year’s data, we see that from December 2022 to January 2023, there was a 35% increase in pre-movers. This year, as mentioned above, we saw a significant increase in pre-movers from December 2023 to January 2024, resulting in a 50% jump from month to month. 

One reason for this could be that homeowners are unwilling to put their houses on the market when they know people are distracted by the holiday season. This could affect the number of people showing up to their open house, the number of people reaching out for more information and ultimately the number of offers coming in. Not to mention, a lot of people often feel stretched in their budget at the end of the year due to holiday spending.

Memorable Statistics from January 2024

  • The top 3 provinces that saw an increase in pre-movers in January 2024 compared to December 2023 were British Columbia (94.1%), Nova Scotia (60.4%) and Newfoundland (59.3%).
  • There was only a 1.2% increase in pre-movers from January 2023 to January 2024. The most notable increase in pre-mover provinces from January 2023 to January 2024 were Quebec (14.4%), Nova Scotia (12.9%) and British Columbia (5.2%). 
  • There seems to be a pattern developing with citizens of Nova Scotia and British Columbia preferring to sell in January vs. December based on data from 2022-2023 and 2023-2024.

Why Canadian Home Listings Matter to You

Cleanlist tracks Canadian properties listed for sale or rent daily. This audience is called “pre-movers” and they represent households that will be big spenders in the coming months. 

Marketers of consumer-oriented products and services stand to benefit most. Families that are planning a move are at the beginning of a large spending cycle that includes everything related to physically moving, financial services, and home improvements like roofing, landscaping, furniture, internet and telecom services, and other related categories. Engaging with these consumers early and promoting solutions is a smart strategy that’s used successfully by many savvy marketers. 

How to Get Started

Cleanlist compiles and organizes pre-mover data daily for every province in Canada. Our team can tell you how many movers there are in any given geographic area (even small areas, i.e. within a driving radius of a store location) and set you up with a data subscription to receive a mover list every month. Cleanlist can also connect you with a reputable marketing agency and mail house to help you develop your mail and get it delivered. The entire process can be automated and repeats itself with a very predictable and profitable outcome.

About the Data

The data presented in this report was summarized from ResponseCanada™ Consumer, Canada’s largest and most up-to-date privacy-friendly consumer database. To learn more about how you can market to pre-movers, click the button below.

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