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Data Clean Room

Cleanlist is a leader in the popularization of Data Clean Room services in Canada

For over a decade, leading brands have utilized the service to further their data-driven strategies while preserving and protecting their first-party data privacy.

In today’s privacy-first environment, organizations that maintain custody of first-party data must be hyper diligent.

At the same time, the deprecation of cookies and other shared advertising identifiers demands that alternative matching and alignment methods be used.

Similarly, effective data cleaning, maintenance, and enrichment requires that personal data be shared with trusted data service providers in a controlled and secure way.

Data Clean Rooms provide a solution to these changes.

Cleanlist works closely with industry experts and regulators to help further Data Clean Room standards, including support of the IAB Tech Lab’s data clean room standards that were introduced in February 2023.

What is a Data Clean Room ?

A Data Clean Room (DCR) is a private and secure environment where organizations can safely place their first-party data while ensuring their privacy policies are enforced and they retain control over their customer data. 

A DCR employs a combination of staff, technology, data governance policies, controls, and operating procedures to help ensure that your privacy policies are preserved, and ultimately protect your first-party data.

In a DCR environment, no personal data is shared with collaborating partners without disclosure and consent from the data contributor.  

All of Cleanlist’s work is performed in a DCR environment. 

Why do I need a Data Clean Room ?

Organizations with custody of first-party personal data are required legally (see Canada’s Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act – or PIPEDA for short) to take appropriate measures to protect and care for personal data in their custody. Further, your customers expect the same. Data Clean Rooms (DCRs) help you do that. 

Inside a DCR, you can safely execute data projects with your data services provider. The projects can involve only your first-party data, or your data in combination with other parties’ first-party data, where their data privacy is assured in the same way yours is.

Project Examples include:

  • Data cleaning and enrichment
  • Lookalike modeling
  • Audience targeting 
  • Audience discovery
  • ROI / ROAS analysis 
  • Attribution analysis 
  • Incremental lift measurement
  • Customer overlap analysis
  • Audience verification

What can I expect from Cleanlist’s Data Clean Room ?

All operators of Data Clean Rooms provide assurance that your data is protected. However, Cleanlist’s DCR environment provides users with several exceptional benefits:

1. Third-party Certification

Cleanlist’s DCR has passed a SOC 2® Type II examination by a certified auditor, every year since 2019.

The examination of System and Organizational Controls (SOC) was developed by the Association of International Certified Professional Accountants (AICPA) and is a voluntary compliance standard for service organizations which specifies best practices for how organizations should manage customer data.

2. On-Premise Hosting in Canada

Cleanlist’s DCR is hosted in an on-premise environment (not a cloud environment) in a secure, wholly-owned facility in London, Ontario, Canada. This strategy removes the risks the cloud-based environments introduce and ensures that all customer data remains on Canadian soil and therefore not vulnerable to access via provisions of the USA Patriot Act.

3. Extensive Data Cleaning Capabilities

An often overlooked reality is that the customer data you and your partners are working with is most-often outdated, incomplete, and inconsistently formatted. These issues compound themselves when attempting to match, compare, verify, and interpret the data; which of course is the whole point of most projects.

Cleanlist is Canada’s leading provider of data cleaning services with extensive technological and staff resources to help fix these problems. This enables far better outcomes for your project.

4. No External Access

All data manipulation and query work on your data is performed by skilled analysts who are full-time employees of Cleanlist, under the careful supervision of a Cleanlist project manager. Your staff and the staff at your partner companies are not provided with any access to the data. Instead, results are shared by Cleanlist project managers by way of reports and, if approved by the project charter, certain very specific data-extracts.

5. Fast Turnaround

The projects that Cleanlist works on are often very time sensitive. As a result, Cleanlist’s onboarding and execution processes can often be completed in just a few days. Of course, large projects that involve multiple data partners take longer, but fast and efficient execution is always the ultimate goal.

Your organization, your data, and your needs are unique. To find out what’s possible Cleanlist offers a free assessment to qualified organizations.

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