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TOP 7: Ranking Canada’s Largest Cities by Restaurant Density

Ranking Canada's Largest Cities by Restaurant Density-26

October 26, 2023

Approximately 30% of Canada’s 38,226,498 million population lives in one of Canada’s 10 largest cities. In this article, we report which city has the most restaurant locations per capita and rank the top 7.

7. Winnipeg

With a population of 749,607 and 2,523 restaurants. There is a density of 1 restaurant per 297 people. 


Winnipeg’s culinary scene is as diverse as its population, offering an array of flavors to satisfy any palate. The data suggests that there is no shortage of wonderful places to eat in this wonderful city.


Notable restaurants: Clementine, Sous Sol, Tre Visi

6. Toronto

With a population of 2,794,356 and 9,599 restaurants, there is a density of 1 restaurant per 291 people.


Toronto may have the most restaurants out of the 10 major cities in Canada, but in terms of density, we have Toronto ranked at 6 which may shock some readers! If we were talking about Michelin Star density, Toronto would top this list; showing that there is a great degree of quality in this large city.


Notable restaurants: Scaramouche, Canoe, Barbarian’s Steak House

5. Edmonton

With a population of 1,010,899 and 3,573 restaurants, there is a density of 1 restaurant per 283 people.


Edmonton’s food scene really embraces their agricultural industry. With many farm-to-table restaurants, eaters are enjoying the freshest ingredients with some of the most unique fusions.


Notable restaurants: Syphay, Donna’s, A Yah Mi Deh

4. Montreal

With a population of 1,762,949 and 6,679 restaurants, there is a density of 1 restaurant per 264 people.


We’re not surprised that this industry is strong in Montreal. The city’s plethora of restaurants are some of the best that Canada has to offer. Foodies can relish in the level of detail and quality put into their offerings. 


Notable Restaurants: Sumac, Le Vin Papillon, Elena

3. Calgary

With a population of 1,306,780 and 4,986 restaurants, there is a density of 1 restaurant per 262 people.


Home to Alberta’s world-renowned beef, there is nothing but quality in places to eat in Calgary. There is a strong emphasis on farm-to-table cuisine and innovation, creating some of the most unique and delicious food experiences.


Notable Restaurants: Banana Leaf, Ten Foot Henry, Aida’s Bistro

2. Mississauga

With a population of 717,961 and 3,096 restaurants, there is a density of 1 restaurant per 232 people.


Mississauga’s food scene is a reflection of its multicultural population. Indian and Middle Eastern cuisine is amongst the best in Canada. Over the last decade it has been becoming a foodie destination for the quality and variety of offerings. 


Notable Restaurants: Nirvana, Potato Bar, Pizza Nostra

1. Vancouver

And lastly, Vancouver, with a population of 662,248 and 5,341 restaurants, has a density of 1 restaurant per 124 people.


With nearly double the density as the number 2 ranked city, it seems like anywhere you turn your head in Vancouver you are going to see a restaurant. What’s better is there is so much diversity in offerings. You will likely see a Japanese raw bar, a Peruvian restaurant, and a Portuguese bakery all within a single block.


Notable Restaurants: St. Lawrence Restaurant, AnnaLena, Dachi

Honorable Mentions:

Ottawa (population 1,017,000 / 1 restaurant per 431 people)

Brampton (population 656,000 / 1 restaurant per 396 people)

Hamilton (population 569,000 / 1 restaurant per 372 people)

by Donna Copelli, Cleanlist 


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