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Is your data holding you back?

Leading brands come to Cleanlist to reduce costs and grow revenue by investing in the best contact data they can get their hands on.

Most have tried to do this on their own, and failed – often more than once.

The work is simply too specialized for your I.T Department, mail house, or your student intern.

Huge and reliable reference databases are needed to validate and update your data.

The solution requires a team with 30 years of experience in Canadian data acquisition, cleaning, targeting, and enriching.

We’re that team, and we’re ready to help.

Our FREE assessments will show you what’s possible.

– Jeff Bisset, Founder

Canada’s biggest and best brands choose Cleanlist

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Clean & enrich your customer data

Nothing boosts profits like clean, accurate data.

Target motivated consumers

great data drives a great response. here’s the best in Canada.

Pinpoint the best B2B prospects

Tired of outdated lists? These are updated daily.

Validate your customer’s identity

Why guess when you can be certain?

Reduce your mailing costs

There’s a new, faster, cheaper way to mail letters.

Your organization’s security
standards are high.

Fortunately, so are ours.

Cleanlist operates the only SOC2-Type II certified data center in our industry.

Your organization, your data, and your needs are unique. To find out what’s’ possible Cleanlist offers a free assessment to qualified organizations.

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