What should I do if I get a consumer complaint about a name provided by Cleanlist?

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Cleanlist's ResponseCanada Consumer database contains the names, addresses, and phone numbers of millions of Canadians. Despite our best efforts to clean and update the database, occasionally mistakes happen and a person listed is deceased or otherwise doesn't want to receive marketing messages. If someone complains, here's how Cleanlist recommends you handle it:

  • Apologize to the complainant and assure them that their desire not to be contacted will be honoured. We don't want them to escalate their complaint, and we especially don't want to bother them again.
  • Forward the complainant's name and full address and/or phone number to Cleanlist (email request to remove@cleanlist.ca ) The person will be immediately removed from Cleanlist's master database.
  • Advise the complainant that this action will ensure their name is removed from the Cleanlist database, but that they may also be on other lists that Cleanlist doesn't control. A broader solution is for the complainant to add their name to the CMA's do-not-mail file which is circulated to many list providers, including Cleanlist. This list does have an expiry date, so it is possible that they registered in the past but need to re-register. They can do this online at the CMA website

Or to remove their phone number from calling campaigns, register with the Do-Not-Call-List (DNCL) online  or by calling 1-866-580-3625.

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