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Canadian Households Planning to Move Spikes in Q3

Pre-Mover Data Factoid

October 2, 2023

Cleanlist observed a significant rise in the number of Canadian households intending to relocate in its Q3 data. While there was a decrease in moving activity during Q1 and Q2, there was an 11.5% increase in Q3 pre-movers compared to last year.


Cleanlist tracks Canadian properties listed for sale or rent on a daily basis. This audience is called “pre-movers” and they represent households that will be active spenders in the coming months. 


For some businesses, pre-movers present an opportunity to acquire a new customer. Pre-movers need new products and services including financing, internet, security systems, furniture and appliances, lawn care, renovations, decorating, and more. 


For businesses with an existing relationship, the pre-mover poses a risk of cancellation. For example, they may cancel existing home services like internet, cable and utilities, landscaping, HVAC service, security monitoring in favor of a new provider for the new home. 


Savvy businesses track this data carefully in an attempt to play defense with their existing customers, and offense with the ones they have the opportunity to acquire.

by Naomi Lewis, Cleanlist Product Specialist

About the data: the data presented in this report was summarized from ResponseCanada Consumer, Canada’s largest and most up-to-data privacy friendly consumer database. To learn more about the database or for licensing information, contact

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