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Cleaning Your Database: Deceased Customers

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No matter how well-maintained your customer database is, there will be deceased customers in your data. Deaths happen and you can’t know the moment they do, but you can decrease the amount of time they remain in your database. 

By leaving deceased customers in your database you run the risk of spending money and time to send marketing messages to people who are no longer able to respond. Additionally, you run the risk of hurting your brand image by continuing to contact them by mail, phone, email, etc. Not to mention those working in the financial industry can be extremely affected by not knowing who is deceased and when and risk running into fraud cases.

Deceased Suppression Vs. Deceased Identification

For marketers and organizations who are looking to remove deceased customers or prospects from their database Deceased Suppression would be much more helpful and typically more cost-effective. With Deceased Suppression, your deceased customers and prospects are flagged to notify you that ad spending on these individuals may not be in your best interest. 

In the financial industry, you need to know more specifically when someone has died to prevent fraud. This use case is much more time-sensitive and needs to be very accurate. Deceased Identification uses an advanced algorithm that takes many factors into account, including date of birth. This allows the algorithm to be much more precise when flagging deceased records. With this more accurate approach, the algorithm will assign a confidence code which can be used to confirm the accuracy of the match. 

As both of these products flag deceased records they are similar in outcome, but the emphasis on how you reach the result is different. Depending on your use case it should be extremely clear which solution is best suited for your needs.

How Accurate Are Cleanlist Deceased Solutions?

Deceased data needs to be as accurate as possible if you are to remove customers or prospects from your database. You don’t want to be removing unnecessary people from your database and miss out on that potential revenue. For that reason, Cleanlist utilizes the CDR which in turn utilizes dozens of sources for deceased information. 

As Canada’s largest and most complete deceased database, the accuracy of this data is extremely important to the CDR. The CDR’s data coverage is approx. 90% of all deceased events across Canada. Each month approx. 25,000 new deceased records are added to the CDR database. This deceased database is continually being improved and adding new data sources to enrich the existing database further and to collect more records. In terms of completeness, the CDR database is fully populated with names, over 70% have full addresses, over 90% have date of birth, and over 95% include funeral home contact information.

How To Get Started

If these solutions are the correct fit for your organization our data experts are more than happy to discuss your unique needs and how Cleanlist can help. We will explain the options available and work with you to determine a solution that works best for you. We will also discuss the fees and perform a free evaluation of your data. This allows us to demonstrate to you the effect we can have on your data. 

Cleanlist provides data licensing, deceased monitoring, and list cleaning through the utilization of the CDR. Contact to learn more.

Your organization, your data, and your needs are unique. To find out what’s possible Cleanlist offers a free assessment to qualified organizations.

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