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Exploring the Top 7 Names in Canada

Exploring the Top 7 Names in Canada-24

November 2, 2023

Polling Cleanlist’s ResponseCanadaTM  Consumer database, we identified 3,383,014 unique names in Canada. This week we identified the most popular male names:


Michael, David, Robert, John, James, Daniel, and William— time to unravel the history behind each name.

1. Michael (population 560,040  /  1 person out of 70 people)

Origin: Michael, a name of Hebrew descent, bears the profound meaning, “Who is like God?” With a history steeped in spirituality, it has remained a beloved classic for centuries, further enhanced by its association with the Archangel Michael.


2. David (population 549,554 /  1 out of 71 people)

Origin: David, another name rooted in the Bible, finds its origin in the Hebrew name “Dawid,” signifying “beloved.” It radiates strength and charm, capturing the hearts of many.


3. Robert (population 522,281 /  1 out of 75 people)

Origin: Robert, with its Germanic heritage, draws its essence from “hrod,” meaning “fame,” and “beraht,” meaning “bright.” With a storied past, it continues to be a favoured choice among parents.


4. John (population 517,991 /  1 out of 75 people)

Origin: John is a name with a diverse linguistic history. Its roots can be traced back to the Hebrew name “Yochanan,” translating to “God is gracious.” This name transcends cultural boundaries and remains amongst the most popular.


5. James (population 373,719 /  1 out of 104 people)

Origin: James, an embodiment of timeless elegance, finds its beginnings in the Hebrew name “Yaakov,” signifying “supplanter.” Its popularity spans various cultures and eras.


6. Daniel (population 344,989 /  1 out of 113 people)

Origin: Daniel, a name of Hebrew origin, carries the weighty meaning, “God is my judge.” It is renowned for its association with wisdom and integrity, endearing it to many parents.


7. William (population 307445 /  1 out of 127 people)

Origin: William, hailing from the Germanic heritage, is constructed from “wil,” meaning “will” or “desire,” and “helm,” meaning “helmet” or “protection.” This name exudes a regal and commanding aura, fit for a leader.

It is interesting to illuminate the everlasting allure of names with deep historical roots. Whether you bear the name Michael, David, Robert, John, James, Daniel, or William, each individual name carries a legacy of timeless charm and historical significance, destined to be celebrated for generations to come.


Honorable Mentions: 

Richard (population 299, 164 /  1 person out of 130 people)

Paul (population 270, 547 /  1 person out of people)

by Michael Menard, Cleanlist Product Specialist

About the data: The data presented in this report was summarized from ResponseCanadaTM Consumer, Canada’s largest and most up-to-date privacy friendly consumer database. To learn more about the database or for licensing information, contact

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