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Number of Canadian Households Reach All-Time High in October

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November 14, 2023

Number of Canadian Households Reach All-Time High in October

The number of households in Canada has experienced a significant surge over the past year. Cleanlist reports the household count has climbed from 15.97 million to an impressive 16.5 million, indicating a substantial increase in the nation’s residential units. This growth, coupled with an October monthly increase of 21,557 households, points towards a dynamic shift in the living arrangements of Canadians. This can be forecasting various factors such as economic stimulation, changing societal dynamics, and evolving demands of a diverse and growing population.

Why it Matters to You:

The average rate of growth per month for 2023 is 47,079. Understanding where these growth spurts are happening can open up opportunities to tap into a new market. 

As this trend continues, stakeholders across different domains will need to adapt and strategize to meet these new demands of a growing and diverse society. Further analysis of these new areas can be strategic for a company to recognize where to market, locate, or even start-up in.

What Can You Do:

Be proactive. Research these developing markets. Find where your opportunities may lie. 

Planning and enacting a marketing strategy starts with good data. Be the first to know where new households are popping up and be the first to meet the new demand. We live in an era where providing goods and services across the nation or province is becoming easier and more efficient. 

How to Get Started:

Navigating the dynamic landscape of Canadian households is made simpler with Cleanlist. As a trusted resource, Cleanlist provides businesses with a comprehensive and up-to-date list of all households in Canada, offering a gateway to a wealth of valuable information and countless possibilities. Whether you’re in search of growth opportunities or aiming to understand the evolving demographics of your customer base, Cleanlist empowers businesses to navigate the ever-changing landscape with confidence. Gain a competitive edge and explore the potential within your data by getting started with Cleanlist today.

by Michael Menard, Cleanlist Product Specialist

About the data: the data presented in this report was summarized from ResponseCanadaTM Consumer, Canada’s largest and most up-to-date privacy friendly consumer database. To learn more about the database or for licensing information, contact 

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