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October’s New Movers Go Shopping in Canada

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November 08, 2023

October’s New Movers Go Shopping in Canada!

Each month there’s a segment of households in Canada that move into a new home and begin the process of setting up their new digs and establishing new buying habits. Not only are these folks excited and motivated to spend, they’re also flush with cash with fresh budgets and lines-of-credit that are ready to put to work. Smart businesses are on top of this opportunity, working hard to win the hearts and wallets of this continuing stream of new buyers. 

October Activity:

In October, Cleanlist identified 50,819 new movers in Canada. This represents a healthy 15% increase from this time last year and caps off a strong third quarter of moving activity in Canada as we head into the seasonally slower moving season in the fourth quarter. Unlike in the United States where moving activity is anemic, Canadians are spending on new homes and all the goods and services that go along with it – despite high interest rates and an uncertain economy.  

Why it Matters to You:

These are the folks that are ordering new roofs, flooring, swimming pools, alarm systems, furniture, painting and decorating, laneways and landscaping, windows and doors, with some even splurging for hot tubs, decks, and gazebos. These are the current prospects, and soon to be customers, that drive the home-improvement industry. 

But it’s not just the home-improvement industry that benefits from new movers in Canada. Businesses that cater to the everyday needs of a local market are also welcoming new customers who’ve recently moved into the neighborhood. Services like restaurants, internet and telecommunications, lawn care, child care, dry cleaning, grocery and staple supplies, banking, gas stations, auto service, hair salons and spas, and everything that’s part of our everyday routine are seeing new movers show up and buy their goods and services.  

Savvy businesses are on top of this opportunity and are eager to welcome newcomers to the neighborhood. They know that being first at their doorstep gives them a huge competitive advantage and so they’re eager to offer welcome deals, trials, information and other offers. As we all know, the first to establish a relationship is often the winner of a long-term and profitable customer. 

How to Reach New Movers:

The fastest and easiest way to capitalize on the new mover opportunity is by sending targeted direct mail offers directly to the home. These newcomers are easy to target with a piece of mail that introduces a product or service and provides a compelling opportunity to take action. Never forget the power of the all-important offer! Next to the quality of the list – which is always #1 – the offer you present will have the most impact on your response rate and overall success.  

We Saved the Best Part for Last:

Finally – and what’s really most exciting about new movers is that they show-up every month, all year long, year after year! Rarely are marketers presented with an opportunity to develop a campaign that has a “forever” shelf-life like a new mover campaign does. Companies can develop and test their messaging, creative, and offers and – once refined and proven profitable – run the program over and over every month with near guaranteed success. What’s not to like about a program like that?

How to Get Started:

Cleanlist compiles and organizes new mover data on a daily basis for every province in Canada. Our team can easily tell you how many movers there are in any given geographic area (even small areas, like within a driving radius of a store location) and then set you up with a data subscription to receive a mover list every month. Cleanlist can also connect you with a reputable marketing agency and mail house to help you develop your mailer and get them delivered. The entire process can be automated and repeats itself with a very predictable and profitable outcome.

You might have missed out on October’s new movers, but Cleanlist is working hard to compile another batch that’s moving now, in November. It’s not too late to be ready for them. 

by Naomi Lewis, Cleanlist Product Specialist

About the data: the data presented in this report was summarized from ResponseCanadaTM Consumer, Canada’s largest and most up-to-date privacy friendly consumer database. To learn more about the database or for licensing information, contact 

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