Optimizing Data For Business Solutions

Optimizing Data for Business
In the ever-expanding world of technology and digitization, companies often struggle with maintaining and cleaning their data to improve and optimize their marketing and business strategies. Data-driven marketing is a more effective approach to targeting new (and existing) customers. Depending on the industry, however, the data needs to be well-planned and should be strategically implemented. This involves identifying a target audience as well as customer needs and designing a strategy to try to solve those needs. This will ultimately lead to greater customer loyalty and will allow companies to gain more new customers on top of retaining existing ones.

Why Is This Important?

Seeking out prospects with a specific target, whether it be age, location, or income – these are all criteria that customers can choose when selecting prospects. How else can a company more accurately market and campaign without strategically choosing who its audience should be? For those existing customers whose information is not up to date, this also presents a significant barrier. Confirming that addresses are still accurate, and phone numbers remain active – it is important to ensure you go about doing this more efficiently. While you might have a lot of data, much of it can often be unusable if you don’t have the means to enhance or clean it.

Budgeting, lack of people power, and time are generally the biggest culprits in the stagnation of data. Companies also don’t keep their data housed in one location, rather they have it dispersed between departments, teams, etc. This ultimately hinders marketing teams who have little idea as to what their data sets consist of, who their customers are, and how they can recover customer profiles without it being a completely arduous process. Budgeting is also a big issue, as the division of funds and the building of a team dedicated to these maintenance processes is not always high on the priority list. While the solution to bring together all data into one single data set is great in theory, the execution is more complicated.
On that note, it is ideal to work with larger data sets when looking at marketing as much of the data in an existing CRM is outdated or not well maintained. Cleanlist’s data solutions help companies with updating their data to enhance their business strategies and marketing schemes in a more effective way. The ROI on fixing outdated records (i.e., retaining existing customers) is massive.

Who Can Help?

A leading provider of data enhancement services, Cleanlist offers the right tools that can save companies money in the long run. How do you ensure your data doesn’t go stale? Recurring updates under a subscription to have the most up-to-date information on a regularly scheduled basis. Cleanlist can also profile what your existing customers look like and use its proprietary data to fill in the gaps and provide a larger data set than would normally be available. This is the best option to enhance data-driven marketing and ensure you are reaching the greatest number of potential and retained customers.

The inevitability of your data NOT being maintained without deliberate goals and practices in place to properly maintain it? We would give odds. With precise tools and processes to pinpoint issues in any given database, Cleanlist’s solutions-driven model and database enhancement services provide you with the reassurance that you will have better data. Period.