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Cleanlist Reports November 2023 Canada Movers

Mover Data Factoid

December 13, 2023

From 41,000 movers in November 2022 to 47,000 in November of this year, we’ve seen a significant shift in Canadians and their willingness to pick up and move over the course of 2023. Just observing October to November, there was a large year-over-year uptick in movers — a 20% increase. With many houses on the market in August in September, it’s no surprise that October and November were standout months for movers in Canada.

Why are people moving now?

There is no way to be certain, however, inflation, high interest rates, and the threat of a recession likely had homeowners keeping a closer eye on their finances. Regularly following market trends helps movers make decisions based on data and research, rather than relying on intuition or outdated information, ensuring a more strategic and informed decision-making process.

Moving… but not listing

There was a decline in movers in November (46,600) compared to October (61,300). And the number of houses being put on the market dropped by 17.1% month over month, to just 46,400. Not shockingly, a similar pattern has emerged in previous years, likely because spring and summer are peak selling periods in Canada. Whether you are a new business or perhaps an individual moving to Canada, understanding this information can help you understand the landscape of Canadian consumer habits, making your journey seamless and well-informed. 

Ontario is on the move!

November 2023’s #1 “Mover Bug” province is Ontario. This province’s November movers increased 28% compared to last year.

Although the number of movers was also up year-over-year in Quebec and PEI, Ontario takes the cake! The number of movers in all other provinces declined. 

This could be the result of housing market trends or economic opportunities, however having access to this type of data helps businesses decide where to plant roots and/or focus their advertising efforts for prospective customers within Canada.

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About the data: The data presented in this report was summarized from ResponseCanadaTM Consumer, Canada’s largest and most up-to-date privacy-friendly consumer database. To learn more about the database or for licensing information, contact 

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