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How to Capture Consumer Spending at the Start of the Move Cycle

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Utilizing Cleanlist’s ResponseCanada Consumer Data & its Pre-mover Segment

October, 2023

How to Capture Consumer Spending at the Start of the Move Cycle

When a consumer is on the verge of relocating, a realm of opportunities opens up for businesses. This significant life change often goes hand in hand with new purchasing decisions, making it a prime time for marketers to step in. But how can one effectively target consumers at this early stage, even before the move occurs?

Understanding this dynamic, Cleanlist has meticulously developed its ResponseCanada Consumer data, particularly emphasizing its pre-mover segment. Drawing insights from various studies and market observations, this piece delves into how senior marketing professionals can optimize their marketing outreach using this unique segment.

The Power of Pre-mover Data

The value of pre-mover data can’t be stressed enough. It’s akin to knowing a consumer’s intent before they even act on it. Consider this: every month, new homes are listed for sale, and each listing represents potential customers on the threshold of making numerous decisions for their new home. An ongoing supply of such prospects is, without doubt, a gold mine for businesses.

With Cleanlist’s ResponseCanada Consumer data, marketers gain access to a dynamic and constantly updated list, ensuring that their marketing efforts are always directed towards a fresh audience, ready to engage and invest.

Geographic Precision with Pre-mover Data

Effective marketing is all about precision, especially in terms of location. Cleanlist’s ResponseCanada Consumer data allows for meticulous geographic targeting within the moving cycle. Whether targeting a single city, specific postal codes, a province, or spanning all of Canada, Cleanlist ensures your outreach is relevant and resonant. For businesses, this means aligning campaigns with local nuances, from a regional to a national scale, ensuring higher engagement and a more personalized touch.

The Direct Mail Magic

In a digital age, one might wonder about the efficacy of direct mail. However, research has shown that the tactile nature of direct mail, especially when personalized, resonates strongly with consumers at the beginning of their move cycle. There’s something about holding a tangible offer or message that creates a more immediate and profound connection.

By leveraging Cleanlist’s pre-mover segment, businesses can design direct mail campaigns that speak directly to the unique needs and aspirations of soon-to-be movers. These campaigns, when executed correctly, can lead to higher conversion rates than many digital-first approaches.

Transitioning from Physical to Digital

While the first touch via direct mail is potent, the ultimate goal should be to drive these consumers online. Direct mail should be the beginning of a conversation, not the end. Ideally, your mail should include an enticing offer that nudges the recipient towards a website sign-up or another online interaction.

This strategy achieves two primary goals. Firstly, it brings consumers into your digital ecosystem, where you can engage them further with tailored content and offers. Secondly, it allows you to gather more data on these consumers, enriching your existing datasets and facilitating even more personalized future interactions.

Volume and Details of Pre-mover Data

Over the past year ending in September 2023, Canada saw an impressive 600,000 unique pre-mover households. Notably, these numbers follow a seasonal trend, with the highest volumes observed during summer and a dip at the start of the year. An added advantage of Cleanlist’s pre-mover data is its comprehensive nature; for roughly half of these households, it provides not only the address but also the known occupant’s name and phone number, though this can vary by region. This richness in data allows for a more direct and personalized approach in outreach strategies.

Consistent Stream of Opportunities

The beauty of the moving cycle is its inherent consistency. As people continuously enter this phase, businesses have a steady flow of prospects. The challenge, however, lies in staying updated with this ever-changing list and ensuring that your messaging remains relevant.

With Cleanlist’s ResponseCanada™ Consumer data, marketers have an edge. By subscribing to the pre-mover data feed for your target geography, you’ll receive a continual lists to drive your marketing campaigns and your company’s bottom line.

Ensuring Privacy Compliance with Cleanlist

In today’s data-centric world, privacy is paramount. Cleanlist recognizes this essential need and ensures that all the data it provides adheres to stringent privacy standards. Specifically, the data is compliant with PIPEDA (Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act) and aligns with the proposed Canadian federal legislation, bill C-27. Additionally, by advocating for direct mail as the primary mode of initial outreach rather than email, the engagement process seamlessly aligns with Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL). This two-pronged approach not only safeguards the privacy rights of individuals but also fortifies businesses against potential legal pitfalls, ensuring a trustful and compliant engagement process.


In the intricate dance of consumer behavior, the move cycle stands out as a phase ripe with potential. By harnessing Cleanlist’s Consumer data and its pre-mover segment, businesses can position themselves as the first choice for consumers navigating the tumultuous waters of relocation.

The strategy is clear: use personalized direct mail for the initial engagement, make a compelling offer, and smoothly transition the conversation online. In doing so, businesses can establish trust and rapport, creating a foundation for long-term customer relationships.

by Jeff Bisset, Cleanlist Founder

Cleanlist is Canada’s largest customer data company. We clean, enrich, and validate business and consumer data. We’re also experts in data-driven document composition and Canada’s largest data provider for digital and offline marketing. To learn more, visit us at

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