A “licensed operator” is a business that has an arrangement with another business to sell products or services. Franchises are the most popular type of licensed operator, but there are other businesses that operate as agents or representatives of another business.

Yes. Locations may be identified as headquarters, branches, or licensed operators.

The term “numbered company” refers to a business that has not chosen a specific or descriptive name as their operating name. This is particularly common in industries like property management and investment or holding companies, as well as franchises of well-known brands.

If the operating name is also known, Cleanlist will report the numbered company name in the Corporate Name field and the operating name in the Company Name field.

TIP: When you see a business record that only has a numbered name, look at the NAICS or SIC code to determine if they are a business that fits your marketing strategy.

The “company name” is the name the business is known by in the marketplace; it is used for advertising or marketing. The “corporate name” is used on legal documents and may not be familiar to the general public.

As anyone who works with B2B data knows, duplicate data is a recurrent problem. Cleanlist applies advanced processes to identify these duplicates and merge the data to create the most complete record.

On average, 20,000 new businesses are added each month.

Database updates are available on a monthly basis.

ResponseCanada Business is compiled from multiple privacy-compliant sources, including business directories, open-source listings, and social media.