As a general policy we do not provide references in order to protect the privacy and confidentiality of our clients and third-party agencies. However, we do offer free evaluations. Contact us to arrange an evaluation.

Yes! Cleanlist works with a partner to offer U.S. data solutions to our Canadian clients. Please contact us for more information, including pricing.

Cleanlist works with a wide variety of data suppliers including postal services, telecommunications companies, and market research firms. All data services provided by Cleanlist are fully privacy-compliant.

Cleanlist’s data cleaning and enhancement services can save your organization time and money by improving your direct mail deliverability rates. For example, if your deliverability rate is 75% on 10,000 pieces, with an expense of $1.00 per piece, the cost of undeliverable items is $2,500. If your deliverability rate on the same mailing is 95%, the cost of undeliverable items is $500 – a $2,000 savings.

The security and integrity of your data is very important to us at Cleanlist. We only accept and transfer data files through our secure myFiles web application or via SFTP. While your data is at Cleanlist, it is warehoused in our world-class data centre. Please see our Information Security page for more details. We do not accept data via email, nor do we return data files by email.

Files may be securely exchanged (both to and from Cleanlist) using the myFiles web application, available by logging in to your Cleanlist account . Your data may be submitted in any format. The most common formats are CSV, tab delimited, and Excel. Unless you request otherwise, your data will be returned in the same format as was submitted.

For many organizations, it is very important to have an up-to-date contact database at all times, in which case we recommend verifying your database for movers and deceased individuals on a monthly basis. For other organizations, it is recommended that you clean your database before the start of any direct mail or telemarketing campaign.

Regardless of the frequency of your service needs, Cleanlist can set you up with a subscription plan that will maintain your data in top shape.

There are many reasons why data gets dirty over time. Many individuals do not contact all of their goods and service providers when their circumstances change – for example, due to a move. Additionally, many organizations accumulate messy data over time due to process overlap or merging data from different sources. Cleanlist is the expert in keeping your contact data up-to-date and purging the clutter.

Cleanlist provides Canadian customer data solutions to organizations across many industries. Whether you need customer data maintenance, verification, data enhancement, or prospect list acquisition – Cleanlist can help.